Un/circumscribed Listening

COMPOSER: Sharon Stewart

I am in love with the noisy quiet of the sounding world around me: from the chorus of birds and bats at dawn and dusk in my backyard – to the resounding, hollow echoes of church bells and museum halls – to the throb and roar of crowded city street corners. I am in love with how these vibrations penetrate my bodymind, leaving their traces, their tensions and releases. With the sound that I create in the studio or on stage, I seek a dialogue with the listener, searching for the right balance of stillness and shout in an attempt to give sonic and energetic space to the listener, for their thoughts, feelings, sensations, emptinesses. Each sonic creation is an act of deep respect for and communion with the ambient sounds around me, the beautiful world we live in, and the artists with whom I have the honour to collaborate.