Mary Anne Staniszewski

SCORE: Call Them Composers!

MARY ANNE STANISZEWSKI investigates culture and art in relation to political and social perspectives. Her books include: Believing Is Seeing: Creating the Culture of Art (Penguin USA, 1995; Korean translations/editions: Hyunsil Cultural Studies, Hyun Sil Moon Hwayonju, 2000 and 2007) and The Power of Display: A History of Exhibition Installations at the Museum of Modern Art (MIT Press, 1998; Korean translation, designLocus, 2007). Staniszewski has written for a diverse range of publications and has lectured widely on art, culture, and social issues. She is currently completing a contemporary-historical portrait of the United States, dealing with issues of race. Staniszewski has a PhD in Art History from the Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York, and is an associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.