The Map of Sounds & Memories

COMPOSER: Moira Roth

A duet between Moira Roth and Caterina De Re, dedicated to Pauline Oliveros. In 2001, Roth began her Library of Maps series (of which this Map of Sounds & Memories is #24), and there are now 41 texts in the series. It is about an imaginary library, its contents, inhabitants and history. The narrative covers the beginning to the end of time, and is set in both real and imaginary spaces, e.g. Hiroshima and the Land of the Star Dwellers. Over the years, Roth and De Re have both worked closely with Pauline Oliveros and now greatly miss her presence in their lives. For their “duet” Roth will contribute a Blind Mirror, in actuality a mirror that was given her by Rose Hacker, her much beloved unofficially adopted mother (after Roth’s real mother had died). For their “duet” De Re is searching for “a handmade Italian glass pen, imbued with elegance and beauty, as befitting a Sound Pencil.”