SCORE: This Day/That Day

IONE is a writer/director and an improvising text-sound artist. A specialist in dreams and the creative process, she has taught and performed throughout the world. She is the author of Pride of Family, Four Generations of American Women of Color, Nile Night, Remembered Texts from The Deep, Listening in Dreams & This is a Dream! , and Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being. She was playwright and director of Njinga the Queen King, the Dance Opera Io and Her and the Trouble with Him, The Lunar Opera; Deep Listening For Tunes, and the experimental narrative film Dreams of the Jungfrau—all with music by Oliveros. The Nubian Word for Flowers, A Phantom Opera, by Oliveros and IONE, will open at Roulette on November 30, 2017. IONE and Pauline Oliveros have been partners in marriage and art for 30 years.