Hildegard Westerkamp

SCORE: Earth Ears are Listening, What Sounds Are We Making?

Composer HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP focuses on listening, environmental sound and acoustic ecology. She worked with R. Murray Schafer at the World Sound-scape Project, is a founder and board member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and was long-time editor of its journal Soundscape. She has conducted soundscape workshops, given concerts and lectures, and has coordinated and led soundwalks locally and internationally. Pauline Oliveros, in whose memory this sonic meditation has been created, has been a strong and ongoing influence on her work and has been a deeply supportive presence throughout. Excerpts of Hildegard’s compositions appear in Gus van Sants’ films Elephant and Last Days and most recently she collaborated on the soundtrack of Nettie Wild’s film Koneline. Her latest composition—Beads of Time Sounding—was a collaboration with Canadian composer and recorder player Terri Hron.

Website: www.sfu.ca/~westerka