Heloise Gold

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HELOISE GOLD IS a dancer, performing artist, choreographer, and t’ai chi/qi gong instructor. She was inducted into the Austin Arts Hall of Fame in 2015. She moved to Austin from NYC in 1979, and became known as one of Austin’s premiere performance/dance artists, being a key player in the experimental work developing at the time. A generative artistic and teaching relationship with Pauline Oliveros began in the 1980s and in 1991 Oliveros, IONE and Gold began co-leading annual Deep Listening Retreats. She has developed the curriculum for the Deeply Listening Body work that is currently being taught. Heloise continues to collaborate and perform with many artistic visionaries. She highlights experimentation in her works and infuses her deep sense of humanity, humor and vision into everything she creates.

Website: www.heloisegold.com