Eric Lewis

SCORE: Tuned Listening

ERIC LEWIS is a scholar of improvised arts, and an improviser on brass and electronics. His work focuses on the philosophy of improvised musics. He is the director of McGill’s IPLAI, a member of the management team of IICSI, and part of Medea Electronique. He performs regularly, and is part of the long-standing Murray Street Band. He co-edited Improvisation and Social Aesthetics with Georgina Born and Will Straw, and is the author of the forthcoming Intents and Purposes—An Afrological Ontology of Music. He will always cherish the occasions he had to perform with Pauline Oliveros, and to work closely with her on the AUMI (adaptive use musical instrument) project. He runs the Laboratory of Urban Culture out of the Salon 1861 in Montreal, focusing on public-facing community art projects which foreground the improvisatory. He is a professor of Philosophy at McGill University.