eighty five audible moments

For Pauline

COMPOSER: Gustavo Matamoros

This piece consists of eighty-five audible moments recorded in digital form. The accompanying score details how each event interacts sequentially with the next for the duration of the piece, which lasts exactly eighty-five seconds. Every audible moment is different from the others, even though some of the sounds share the same name in the score. This is because those come from the same sound source. The sounds themselves come from the audio archive I have been recording, first on tape, and later on various digital media formats, since the time when I was twelve. Eighty Five Audible Moments can be heard alone, or while reading the score, which can help the listener identify sounds not easily recognizable. The score can also be performed if desired by stringing together 85 different sound gestures in the span of 85 seconds. Eighty Five Audible Moments is dedicated to Pauline Oliveros in celebration of her 85th birthday.

score - eighty five audible moments - for pauline