Edward Schocker

SCORE: 85 Boxes for Pauline

EDWARD SCHOCKER is a composer and performer who creates music with made/found materials and alternate tuning systems. He holds an M.A. in composition from Mills College, where he studied with Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran, and independently with Lou Harrison. At Mills, Edward founded The Music For People & Thingamajigs Festival, an annual event in The Bay Area devoted to unusual instruments and tunings.

Edward’s artist in residencies and commissions include Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Stanford Lively Arts, the St. Ignatius Choir directed in San Francisco, Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra in San Jose, and Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo. As a performer, he has presented work at festivals around the world, including Internationales Klangkunstfest in Berlin, Soundwave ((6)) in San Francisco, and Culture Station Seoul 284 in South Korea.

Currently, Edward is an ensemble member of the Thingamajigs Performance Group, creating works in a group process with Dylan Bolles, Suki O’Kane and Keith Evans. The group recently developed and performed a new work with Pauline Oliveros for the Berkeley Art Museum.