Doug Van Nort

SCORE: The Turing Meditation

DOUG VAN NORT is an artist, researcher, composer and performer whose work explores distributed creativity as it manifests within improvised performance. He is particularly interested in collective improvisation that emerges in the context of complex systems that integrate deeply listening performers, electroacoustics, machine agents, embodied immersion and expanded senses of presence. Van Nort often performs solo as well as with a wide array of artists across musical styles and artistic media. He was a founding member of Triple Point with Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch, performed as a duo with underground noise legend If, Bwana. While living in New York he was an active member of the Composers Inside Electronics, founded by the late David Tudor. Van Nort is currently Canada Research Chair in Digital Performance and an Assistant Professor at York University in Toronto, cross-appointed between the departments of Computational Arts, Music, and Theatre & Performance Studies.