and I don’t know where to start! (2016-17)

In memory of Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016)

COMPOSER: Stuart Dempster

This piece came about when, about three days after Pauline Oliveros passed on to her next Deep Listening journey, journalist Geeta Dayal asked me to submit “a few words” –due by the next morning—for the purpose of her article/obituary for Frieze Magazine. Very much at a loss over Pauline’s death and a little frustrated as to where to start, her request prompted me to dash out some information, and later on it became a score. I have lightly edited it, but hope that it comes across as fresh as it was in the moment. This bit of writing actually allowed me to realize not only the scope of Pauline Oliveros’ life and impact – indeed, reverberation–but it also allowed me to grasp the depth and significance of our own over 60 year relationship of having known each other and worked together.