Björn Eriksson

SCORE: Vowels and Consonants

BJÖRN ERIKSSON works and explores sounds through listening, improvisation, recording, composition, and occasionally via installations. He has also been exploring telematic performance by streaming sounds in various projects. As he likes to work in collaborative processes, he has been involved in different international collaborative projects and initiatives like Tapegerm Collective and Sound Injury, as well as participating in different constellations and orchestras like MăAM and Great Learning Orchestra. He composed a landscape piece for a program on Swedish national radio SR/Elektroniskt in 2013 and was invited to participate and present works at the International Conference on Deep Listening: Art/Science in 2013 and 2014. Björn is also a teacher and teaches courses in music production, sound engineering and sound art courses in the north of Sweden where he resides. Björn was artist-in-residence at GRIM Marseille during 2011 and has been to IONE´s CLAR residency in Kingston twice during 2014 and 2015 for both composition and performance.