Andrea Goodman

SCORE: Purely, Deeply, Freely

ANDREA GOODMAN is a vocalist/composer of visionary metaphoric music, specializing in intuitive sound healing. She has worked with IONE and Pauline in many ways for at least 30 years, singing in their opera, Io and Her and the Trouble With Him, and most recently in a scene from The Nubian Word for Flowers. Andrea was an original performer with the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble, 1974-1991, and can be heard on five of Monk’s albums. Currently, she is music director, composer, actress/singer with Figures of Speech Theatre and partners with singer/composer Anna Dembska in Music of a New Frequency. She is the author of Lightning Holds My Hand, a Woman’s Journal of Guidance, de-cribed by Donna Henes as “A beacon…to illuminate the dark night of the soul.” She has founded Ruby-Throated Spirit, Sanctuary, Voice Studio and Labyrinth, in Boothbay, Maine, offering voice lessons, sound-healing, astrology, tarot, weddings, blessings, classes and retreats. Ordained in 1998, she is a high priestess/minister of the Ministry of Maat.